Painting as Prayer

The Art of A. Sophrony Sakharov

Art has the ability to touch that inner part of man and convey directly a creative experience and response difficult to express in words. It was the life long vocation of Saint Sophrony (Sakharov) (1896-1993) to offer this living experience through art. His artistic training had its roots in both Imperial and Soviet Russia where as a young student, he was influenced by the writings of Kandinsky on the spiritual in art. It was the spiritual life that called him ever more strongly and after working as a portrait and landscape artist in Paris, Father Sophrony abandoned his painting to become a monk on Mount Athos.


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Most of the subject matter of this book presents preparatory drawings, studies and sketches for wall paintings, followed by the paintings themselves, both murals and panel icons. The final section comprises his work on designs in various forms.


Creativity, Freedom and the Icon

St Silouan’s Chapel
Panel Icons

Father Sophrony’s techniques
Notes on the illustrations

Sister Gabriela studied iconography on the recommendation of St Sophrony before joining the monastery. She later assisted him in several artistic projects during the last years of his life. Her books are about what she learned while working with him on icons, church murals, and mosaics.

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Painting as Prayer
Painting as Prayer
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