The Face of Light

St Sophrony’s Icons of Christ

God becomes tangible through the icon. In this book, the reader is invited to share in the life-long journey of St Sophrony in his striving to depict the Face of our Lord and Creator, Jesus Christ.


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The purpose of this book is to present the icons St Sophrony created in his search to depict the Face of Christ. It was my hope to allow the icons and murals to speak for themselves. However, since our modern minds are accustomed to fast and ever-changing visual imagery, I have added quotes from St Sophrony’s writings  in order to encourage the reader to pause and have a fuller experience viewing the Presence of the images. The only picture in this book that was not painted by St Sophrony is the Turin Shroud, which was his constant source of inspiration, and, according to the saint, was made by God Himself.
The images are presented in the order in which they were created. References to quotes and icons are listed as endnotes. Any mistakes or omissions are entirely my own.


The Face of Light, St Sophrony’s Icons of Christ, by Sister Gabriela
The Holy Trinity
Some reflections on Christ, by St Sophrony
The illustrations
Quote references and comments on the illustrations
List of books quoted
Post scriptum

Sister Gabriela studied iconography on the recommendation of St Sophrony before joining the monastery. She later assisted him in several artistic projects during the last years of his life. Her books are about what she learned while working with him on icons, church murals, and mosaics.

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The Face of Light
The Face of Light
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