Thirst for God

The Life of St Silouan. Frescoes from the Community of St John the Baptist

This book presents the wall paintings located in our small refectory. The murals depict the life of St Silouan the Athonite, the spiritual father of Saint Sophrony, founder of the community. After the death of his spiritual director, Father Sophrony wrote a book, St Silouan the Athonite, detailing the life of the saint and including his writings. The wall paintings, laid out in clockwise order, follow the order of the book and present significant moments in the saint’s life. The inscriptions on the wall paintings, with some clarifying additions, comprise the text of this book.


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The murals were done by members of the community in the summer of 2001. The technique used was fresco, painted on fresh lime plaster applied daily in small sections by specialist plasterer. Finishing touches were made in egg tempera. A brief description of the life of St Silouan is presented at the end of this book.

Sister Gabriela studied iconography on the recommendation of St Sophrony before joining the monastery. She later assisted him in several artistic projects during the last years of his life. Her books are about what she learned while working with him on icons, church murals, and mosaics.

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Thirst for God
Thirst for God
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