Timeless Wisdom

Frescoes from the Community of St John the Baptist

This book represents the wall paintings from our Refectory. Inspiration for the layout and design came from the refectories of the Monasteries on Mt Athos where painting of ascetic saints, including bishops, depicted in a monastic garb, flank the walls. For this refectory, saints were selected based on their ascetic writings, and each curries a scroll presenting their words on the general theme of “brotherly love”. In the case of the women monastics whose writings have not come down to us, their scrolls contain some representative aspect of their lives.


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Sister Gabriela studied iconography on the recommendation of St Sophrony before joining the monastery. She later assisted him in several artistic projects during the last years of his life. Her books are about what she learned while working with him on icons, church murals, and mosaics.

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Timeless Wisdom
Timeless Wisdom
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