Seek, and Ye Shall Find


Thoughts have a taste. Each thought is accompanied by an energy according to its origin. If the thought comes from God, it brings peace and joy and promotes prayer. If it comes from the enemy, it brings confusion and does not harmonise with prayer.
Sometimes thoughts which come from God may be completely contrary to our psychological state. Yet they bring life and energy of the Spirit, and our prayer receives wings.

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Despite its remarkable authority, the word of God is not imposed on us by force, but is offered and meant to provoke us to use our freedom because God wants us to embrace it freely. Thus, the Lord speaks to us ‘in proverbs and parables’ in order to prompt our human factor to desire to penetrate the meaning of the divine words. God created us from non-being, but He does nothing with us unless we collaborate with Him… We must show our zeal to understand the life-giving words of the Lord and the only way is to have ‘obedient ears’ and ‘good ground’.


Christmas – the Feast of the Love of God,the Feast of the Gratitude of God
The Life-giving Word of God
True Love
Man’s Blessed Care for God
The Folly of Attachment to Things Corruptible
The Deep Heart and the Word of God
The Saving Shame
The Hypostasis and Its Attributes
Theology as a State and Narration of Man’s Encounter with God
Presuppositions for Discipleship to Christ
Memory of Death – the Prelude of Charismatic Life
The Science of Vigilance
The Gift of Thanksgiving
God’s Instruction in the Three Stages
The Work on the Heart
The Taste of Christ-like Death
Dimensions of the Cross
The Psychology of the World and the Psychology of Grace
The Judgment of God Likens Man with the New Adam
The Mother of God – the Greatest Miracle of God
The Living God Begets Living Icons
The Mystery of Pentecost
Spiritual Freedom
Index of Scriptural References

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Archimandrite Zacharias Zacharou



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Stavropegic Monastery of St. John the Baptist


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About the Author

Archimandrite Zacharias Zacharou

Father Zacharias studied theology at the Orthodox Theological Institute of Saint Sergius in Paris and at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has lived all his monastic life in the monastery of Saint John the Baptist in Essex where he serves as a spiritual Father and minister of the word of God to his brethren and the people that come to him. Read more…

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