Ask, and It Shall Be Given You


‘The seed is the word of God.’ However, this seed is not of this world and therefore, when it falls in the good earth of the deep heart, it becomes ‘the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth’. ‘It is sown in weakness,’ but ‘it is raised in power and incorruption.’

The texts of this book are the fruit of these Sunday meetings and are presented in the form of questions and answers: ‘Ask (with desire) and it shall be given you (of the abundance of the love of him that speaketh).’


For us monks it is very important to learn the ethos of Christ because God takes care of us in a special way: He puts us in this arena, in His own house, in His courts, and He sets forth for us ascetic labours to give us all that is His. He gives us a framework of life, a greenhouse, a fortress, a castle which is the monastery, in order to attain that which He achieved with the labour of His self-emptying and His humility unto the end. And in a safe way, He tells us also to slaughter our selfishness, our self-love, by being obedient to a person who has no enmity against us, to a person who prays for us, who watches over us – such safety!


Time – the Gift of God to Corruptible Man
Prayer – Our Converse with God
Prayer and Fasting
The Prayer with the Beloved Name of Christ
Spiritual Vision
Humility – the Ethos of Christ
‘Resist not evil’
The Spirit Is Swift
An Eschatological Perspective: the Christian Lives and Walks upon the Earth, but His Spirit Beholds Heaven
Divine Liturgy, the Image of Communion of the Saints
The Gift of Tears
Confession, the Mystery of the New Birth in the Spirit
Priesthood – the Ministry of Reconciliation
The Parable of the Wicked Tenants
The Humility of Receiving the Judgment of God Makes Us Become from Servants Children of God
‘Keep thy mind in hell and despair not’
Creative Spiritual Authority
The Paradoxical Character of Monastic Life
Monastic Obedience – the Education of God through His Commandments
Index of Scriptural References

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Archimandrite Zacharias Zacharou



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Stavropegic Monastery of St. John the Baptist


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Archimandrite Zacharias Zacharou

Father Zacharias studied theology at the Orthodox Theological Institute of Saint Sergius in Paris and at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He has lived all his monastic life in the monastery of Saint John the Baptist in Essex where he serves as a spiritual Father and minister of the word of God to his brethren and the people that come to him. Read more…



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Ask, and It Shall Be Given You